Cygnus Diving Club is a not-for-profit springboard and platform club, operating out of the Centennial Pool in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We are committed to the development of a positive, co-operative, and supportive atmosphere for participation at all levels in the sport of diving.

The club is primarily committed to competitive performance. Our belief is that competitive divers can best be supported through a full spectrum of introductory and developmental programs. As such, the decisions and actions of the club are designed to ensure that all divers who have the desire to become competent in diving will be given the opportunity to participate.

We offer a wide range of programs to suit all levels from beginner to national level, including adult learn to dive classes.  We are always looking for more divers so why not give it a try!

Return to Training in 2021

Centennial Pool has had several delays in re-opening. We are hopeful that we’ll be able to get back to the pool in the fall of 2021. The latest update from Centennial Pool on September 13, 2021:

Work by municipal staff is continuing at Centennial Pool. The facility closed in March 2020 due to COVID-19.  

The facility remained closed through to Fall 2020 to facilitate the replacement of a filtration system, in addition to regularly scheduled maintenance work. Due to the impacts of COVID-19 on labour and materials, some of this work was delayed.  The scheduled work was completed in December 2020, however, equipment issues and a leak in the pool tank was detected while testing the new filtration system, causing further delays to the reopening of the pool. 

Municipal staff completed a wide range of tests to confirm the source of the water leak. An area of the pool flooring was removed to expose the main drain pipes. It was determined that these pipes needed to be replaced and this work has been completed, and the cement in the affected area replaced. The cement has cured and work is currently underway to install new tiling and water proofing. When this work is completed, the new filtration system will be inspected by an aquatics engineer and if there are no issues, the pool will be filled in stages, and water levels monitored. If the water levels hold, the next phase of work will involve cleaning the pool, balancing the chemicals and testing all pool systems. Staff plan on providing a more definite timeline on a reopening date for the facility before the end of September. 

When we return to the pool

Returning divers in our Development and Competitive programs will start retraining first, for 1-3 sessions per week. Once we have training up and running, we will start adding additional training opportunities.

New divers will be invited to a placement class once we are able to expand our training. Children ages 6-12 with no diving experience will be recommended for our PLOUF (learn to dive) program. Children who have had diving training already, or have other relevant sports experience, may be invited to join our Development program, in consultation with the Head Coach and parents/guardians of the diver.

PLOUF programming will resume once our Development and Competitive divers have had a chance to settle in to their training. Please keep in mind that our divers have been away from the pool since March of 2020 and we want to give them the best start back at training. We also have new protocols to follow to keep our divers and coaches safe; please be patient as we navigate these changes.

We thank you for your continued interest in diving! We are excited to get our divers and coaches back to the pool.

A springboard and platform diving club in Halifax, NS.