Programs & Fees


PLOUF is an introduction to diving through recreation and fun, ideal for children comfortable in deep water, ages 6-12.

PLOUF is offered once per week, for 10 weeks. The class will include a dryland component, pool time, and games.

Fees for a 10-week session are $TBD


Our Development program is for divers with previous diving experience, and who have progressed beyond the PLOUF program and show potential to work towards the Competitive program.  Admission to Development is by evaluation and invitation only.

Divers in Development are aiming to perfect their diving technique in order to compete, using  the diving list for their age group, as specified by Diving Plongeon Canada.

Focussed, small class sizes will work on flexibility, coordination, and agility, and work on 1m, and 3m springboard, and towers. Throughout the season, the divers will work on more advanced techniques such as hurdles.

Trampoline and specific dryland training will be a component of Development. Divers will attend a mandatory bi-weekly training session specifically for dryland training.

Divers in this level will train for a maximum of 7.5 hours, attending practice  2-3 times per week (or at the discretion of the Head Coach).

Fees for one term are $TBD. The fall term runs September to December.


The Competitive training group is comprised of a small number of divers, primarily training with the Head Coach. Divers in this group have been evaluated and are admitted by invitation if they are working on their Tier I Diving Plongeon Canada list for competition in their age group. Divers at this level must have demonstrated their passion for the sport, natural talent, are coachable, and willing to invest a significant portion of their time to the sport.

Divers in this group train for a minimum of 8 hours per week, at the discretion of the Head Coach. Training at this level will include trampoline, dryland, agility and flexibility training.

Fees for each session will be determined in consultation with the coaching staff, and could vary due to training requirements and competition qualification. 

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