Please complete the following information to register with the Cygnus Diving Club. Fees listed below are for the fall session only. Payments can be made directly to the club via cheque or e-transfer to If you have any questions about registration please contact

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Photo Consent and Media Release Form

I/we hereby grant consent to Cygnus Diving Club and the Nova Scotia Amateur Diving Association (NSADA) to reproduce and/or use photos taken or obtained of the registered diver for use in the promotion of Cygnus Diving Club and NSADA.

I/we understand and agree that any and all photographs, recordings, films or reproductions may be used to promote the athletes, Cygnus Diving Club and NSADA.

I/we herby release Cygnus Diving Club and its officers, directors, agents and employees from any and all liability arising from the rights granted hereby and from the use of my/my child’s name and likeness as herein authorized.

I/we understand that reproduction and usage of my/my child’s image, name, likeness and/or written comments through any media come without compensation and are solely for the purpose of promoting the sport, Cygnus Diving Club, and NSADA.

I/we understand that the image or likeness of me/my child may appear in print materials (such as brochures, displays, posters, or advertising), or online (website and social media).

A springboard and platform diving club in Halifax, NS.